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The Annual General Meeting of the Wrington Vale Medical Practice Charitable Trust  will be held on Thursday, 12 February 2015 8pm  at the Wrington Vale Medical Practice, Pudding Pie Lane, Langford, BS40 5EL. The trustees warmly invite all patients of the practice to attend to hear the Chairman’s report and the Treasurer’s report and inspect the accounts. Any registered patient is entitled to attend to vote on matters to be voted on. Paul Millward (Chairman) Nigel Jones (Treasurer) Paula Crossman-Jones (Secretary)
Introduction   The Trust is administered by local trustees for the benefit of the Wrington Vale Medical Practice. Funds are derived from gifts, legacies, collections in memory of deceased patients, and occasionally fundraising when particular needs arise. Trustees' meetings, attended by a doctor from the practice, take place twice a year. An AGM is held in early March/April, to which all patients from the practice are invited. The date is posted in both surgeries Below are some items purchased by the Trust, thereby enhancing the service provided by the Practice:      ECG machines at both surgeries      Emergency bags equipped for the doctor on call      Blood pressure monitors      An adjustable examination couch      Spirometers (for accurately recording lung function) The existence of the Trust, and the value that it is able to offer the practice, depends entirely on the generosity of those who give to the fund. The patients are the direct beneficiaries of the fund, and the doctors and nurses also greatly appreciate the enhanced facilities provided. Donations These may be sent to any of the Trust officers or to The Wrington Vale Medical Practice, who will forward the gift to the Trust. Current Officers                                           Chairman:          Paul Millward                  01934 852239                                                      Hon. Secretary: Paula Crossman-Jones  01934 862248                                           Hon. Treasurer: Nigel Jones                     01934 863745
Gynaecological plinth - which can be height adjusted with foot operated controller
Phlebotomy chair