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Minutes of a Meeting of the Planning Committee of Wrington Parish Council held in the John Locke room on Tuesday, 6th April, 2010
1 Apologies:
Mrs J. Gallop, Chair
Mrs G. J. Bigg
Mr D. W. Glynn
Ms E. P. Irving
Mrs G. Moss
Mr P. Robinson
Mrs C. Turton
Mrs D. J. Yamanaka
Ms G. Wilson, Clerk
Mrs P. Ledbury
Mrs C. A. Phillips

In attendance: Two members of the public (part)

2. Declarations of Interest:

Cllr Turton declared an interest in the application relating to The Shelter, Downside Road, and Cllr Robinson declared an interest in the application relating to Springside in Ladywell. It was agreed that these members could state their view of the applications concerned, but would leave the meeting during discussion of the applications.

3. Public Participation

The Chairman invited the two members of the public present to make comments. Mrs R Young said that she wished to comment about the proposed development and expansion of the Plush Hotel (Redhill House). She was particularly concerned about the narrow access to the hotel via Lye Hole Lane – this already results in undesirable amounts of traffic and she fears that the proposed expansion from 8 to 26 rooms can only make the situation worse. The additional of a proposed ‘wellness’ centre which would be available to local residents could also increase traffic significantly. Mrs Young stated that she felt the site had been developed to its maximum already, considering its Green Belt location. The other member of the public present, Mr M Bray, also a neighbour of the hotel, endorsed Mrs Young’s views.

The Chairman thanked Mrs Young and Mr Bray for their comments, and invited them to stay to hear the Council’s discussion on the planning application.

4. Minutes of previous meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 16th March were reviewed and signed as a correct record, with one minor correction to a typographical error on the last page.

Matters arising: the Clerk stated that she had contacted the Planning Officer at NSC who is dealing with the development in Rickyard Road, to raise queries about the drainage. The Planning Officer had not received any applications for amendments, and said he would investigate. As yet no response has been received; the Clerk will therefore chase this up again.

5. NSC South Area Planning Committee

No papers had yet been received for the meeting to be held on 14th April.

6. Decisions Notices issued by NSC

10/P/0132/F - Plot 6 Richards Garage Site, Wrington: erection of rear conservatory – approved.

10/P/0161/F – The Keepers, Ropers Lane, Wrington: minor amendment to 09/P/1089/F to allow the erection of a lean-to canopy by variation of condition 2 – refused.

10/P/0116/TPO - Webbsbrook Cottage, Silver Street, Wrington: Beech – reduce crown to previous pruning points and reshape canopy – refused.

10/P/0116/TPO - Webbsbrook Cottage, Silver Street, Wrington: Beech – reduce canopy by 20% and thin by 10% - approved.

09/P/2122/F - Land at St Katharine’s Farm, Downside Road: Change of use of rear of site from agriculture to the maintenance and repair of agricultural tractors and machinery and the sale of new machinery and associated replacement parts. Erection of a storage building along middle of eastern boundary for use within the established business use at St Katharine’s Farm and alterations to access onto Downside Road (part retrospective) – refused.

7. Planning Applications

10/P/0424/F – Redhill House (the Plush Hotel), Redhill: it was agreed that the proposed expansion of the hotel would be inappropriate development in the Green Belt, and to object to the application, particularly with reference to the narrowness of the access and the impact on neighbouring properties. It was noted that letters had not yet been sent out by NSC to the adjacent residents, nor had the public notice been posted. It was therefore agreed to point this out to NSC and in the light of the size of the plans to reserve the right to make further comments at a later date.

Mrs Young and Mr Bray left the meeting at this point.

10/P/0380/F – Merryn Cottage, West Hay Road, Wrington: erection of first floor extension with pitched roof and replace glazed conservatory roof with cedar shingle roof. It was agreed that there was no objection to this application.

10/P/0400/F and 10/P/0401/F – Barley Wood Gardens, Long Lane, Wrington: change of use from agricultural greenhouse to two rural workshops and biomass boiler to include replacement of glazed roof with shingles. There was discussion as to whether the conversion of the greenhouse to workshops would leave sufficient greenhouse spaces to raise plants for the vegetable garden. After studying the plans, it was concluded that other greenhouse space would be available. A query was raised about car parking for potential additional workers, and it was agreed to comment that the Parish Council would expect that cars would be parked in the car park at the bottom of the site. It was also agreed to pose a question about the type of biomass fuel to be used and if it is to be woodchip, whether there would be sufficient on-site storage.

10/P/0431/F – Springside Ladywell, Wrington: retrospective application for the erection of a 2.207m high fence to west boundary of property. Before this application was considered, Cllr Robinson stated that he would prefer the height of the fence to remain as it is, to prevent overlooking of his property. Cllr Robinson then left the meeting during the discussion of the item. It was generally felt that the fence presented a very stark appearance currently, and it was therefore agreed to propose that the owners be asked to provide some planting to soften the effect. This should be made a conditional of approval, as the fence borders a footpath and landscape planting would improve the appearance for the benefit of the community.

10/P/0472/F4 – The Shelter, Downside Road: application for the extension of time limit to planning permission 07/P/0618/F for the conversion of existing outbuildings to create ancillary living accommodation with 3no parking spaces. Before leaving the meeting for the discussion of this item, Cllr Turton stated that she generally felt there was no problem, but she understood that the property had recently been sold. It was noted that this was purely an application for an extension of the existing permission. It was agreed to reiterate comments made at the time of the original application.

10/P/0478/F – Butcombe Brewery, Havyatt Road, Wrington: erection of a barrel store with 6 rooflights and external uncovered barrel storage area and construction of hard surfaced parking area to include enlargement of B1 industrial use into roadside verge following removal of hedge. It was noted that the application was similar to a previous one which had been withdrawn. After studying the plans, it was noted that the development would extend beyond the settlement boundary, and on these grounds, the application should be refused. Concern was expressed about flood risk – the road floods on the other side of the bank and surface water from the site would have to run into the storm water system. It was agreed to comment on the general flooding situation in Wrington, which is awaiting remedial works. It was also felt that the new hard standing should be of permeable material and that a landscaping scheme should be recommended.

10/P/0480/MMA and 10/P/0481/MMA – Plough Inn, High Street, Wrington: variation of condition. It was agreed to make no comment.

10/P/0493/F – The Barn, off West Hay Road, Wrington: erection of a detached double garage to rear of holiday accommodation with construction of hard surfaced car parking for three cars. It was noted that this property is also known as Oakfield Lodge. It was agreed to object to the application because of its location in the Green Belt and outside the development boundary.

8. Other Planning Issues

a. NSC consultation on Housing in Defined Villages

Cllr Glynn pointed out the importance of this document in that it makes reference to settlement boundaries and this will affect Wrington village in the future. It also includes detailed guidance on live/work units. The closing date for comments is 13th April, and it was agreed that members would submit comments to the Clerk by the end of the week so that a response could be produced.

b. BIA planning application

There was discussion as to whether there would be value in using the ‘Parish Voice’ session at the South Area Committee to express concerns about traffic problems in Downside Road and the need for traffic calming measures. It was agreed that this would be useful if Cllr Turton could speak, with first hand knowledge of the problems. If this could not take place at the April meeting, it could go forward to the May meeting.

Cllr Glynn asked members to note the date of a meeting which has been set up with the airport management, which will be on Monday 26th April at 5.00 pm. The meeting will take place at the airport on this occasion, as there will be an audio-visual presentation. The aim is to reinstate the previous regular meetings with airport personnel which had been taking place until about a year ago.

c. Brook House – report of site meeting

Cllr Gallop reported on the site meeting held on 25th March to consider the provision of a footpath from the Brook House site along the south side of Silver Street. Notes of the meeting had been circulated previously to members. The matter will now be considered further at the next South Area Committee meeting on 14th April.

d. Sign for URC

The Clerk said she had been informed by Mr Graham Berry that he had requested NSC to provide a signpost to the United Reformed Church on Chapel Hill. The Clerk will obtain further details of the location and type of sign and report back.

e. Saved Policies

Details of planning policies to be saved by NSC following adoption of the Core Strategy were read out and noted.

f. Rickyard Road access

Details of changes to the access road as a result of the new dwellings had been received and these were noted.

The meeting was closed at 7.40 pm.

Mrs. J. Gallop