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Mary Bond's Recollections 

Contributed to the Village Journal, February, 2002

Memories of Wrington

On Sunday, I attended the Remembrance Service in Wrington Church (November 2001).

Although I always think it is a sad time, it was such a treat to see so many young people on parade - every year there seems to be more and more.

We had Brownies and Guides over sixty years ago. Of course there may have been a break - our Brownie meetings were held in a little room in High Street. We started off with "We are the Brownies and here is our aim, lend a hand and play the game" - then we stood quite still and made our Promise: "I promise on my honour to do my best, to do my duty to God and
the King and to help other people at all times and to obey the Brownie Law".

Then we had games and sung and in the summer months we walked down Silver Street to Walkers - this was Farmer Marshall's first field. With his permission we would light a little fire and sit around it and sing and chatter, but we finished off with a big treat - this was dampers, a pastry mix which Brown Owl had brought down. We rolled our pastry round our sticks which we had collected and had our dampers - gosh however did we eat them and enjoy them.

When we left Brownies we flew up to Guides and had a special little badge to wear and our meetings were held in a room down by the Memorial Hall. I also loved Guides - we went tracking up the lanes and sang our songs.

Of all the environments I have known, the most memorable was Wrington, my home: closely packed, insulated like a sheep in a fold where we were known to everyone and by everyone - it is not like this now though.

Mary Bond