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Billy Rogers early postcards of Wrington                                 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ FUN RUN 2015 full results                          ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ROAD CLOSURES: A38 Night of 28 MAY - see  A370 at Brockley Combe traffic lights for one week 22 JUNE 8pm - 6am - see YEWTREE BATCH, Butcombe 8JULY see                               ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ On the night of 25/26th May, 1943 Flt Sgt Leslie Schroeder was killed in action. On the 72nd anniversary, his sister proudly displays his medals 
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The Whit weekend starts with glorious sunshine, showing up the remarkable variety of greens on offer … and, for Wringtonians around the world, there’s more to see on this morning’s walk
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